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about the workbook and solution-focused art therapy

This Workbook offers simple Art Therapy exercises to navigate the journey of transforming trigger-reactions into a more stress-relieved daily life.

Guiding you step-by-step in your painting process, this Workbook offers effective and easy exercises to relieve stress and regain hope.

Solution-Focused Art Therapy was pioneered by Bettina Egger, PhD and Jörg Merz in Switzerland, demonstrating it's effectiveness through four decades of research and practical application.

Solution-Focused Art Therapy

i am suffering
from ptsd/trauma

Did you start to work through your trauma with the help of the Solution-Focused Art Therapy Workbook, but you are also looking for a

a) personal accompaniment or

b) an online group to paint under my instruction,


then you can find more information here.

Solution-Focused Art Therapy


Are you already successfully caring for PTSD clients and want to add a new intervention to your treatment plan, Solution-Focused Art Therpy will provide an easy and adaptable tool to support your clients in PTSD recovery and trauma healing.

Let me know what you have in mind (hours, date, content of theory and practice) and together we will create a training unit tailored to your team.

“Through the lens of art therapy, creativity becomes a catalyst for transformation”

foreword "Art Therapy Workbook", Barbara Studer, PhD

Solution-Focused Art Therapy

Rahel Bruegger is a licensed and certified Art Therapist in Switzerland and a contemporary artist. Her goal is to empower through art and to get people to start their own creative trauma healing process.

She was trained with Solution-Focused Art Therapy Intervention by Bettina Egger PhD and Jörg Merz and has applied it to clients from age 4-101 in kindergarden-settings to nursing home groups with a tremendous effect on improving and transforming lives. 

She specializes in treating trauma, anxiety, and PTSD. Rahel Bruegger offers, based on the book’s exercises Online Solution-Focused painting classes, further education for psychologists, therapists and social workers in implementing Solution-Focused Art Therapy and helps individuals through trauma and PTSD.

Rahel Bruegger - Art Therapist
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