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art therapy workbook for trauma healing and ptsd recovery

With this short videos I want to help you to get an idea how you should paint the exercises in the workbook already on your table. 

Watch the videos an get an idea about the motion, speed, paint and how to even start!

And if you feel you needed more structure and a small push to start: join our biweekly painting group to encourage each other and work on your topics. 

painting instruction
solution focused art therapy

"if my emotion were a sweet pepper"

painting instruction
solution focused art therapy

"if my emotion were a flower"

Rahel Brügger Kunsttherapeutin ED

Rahel Bruegger is a licensed and certified Art Therapist in Switzerland and a contemporary artist. Her goal is to empower through art and to get people to start their own creative trauma healing process.

She was trained with Solution-Focused Art Therapy Intervention by Bettina Egger PhD and Jörg Merz and has applied it to clients from age 4-101 in kindergarden-settings to nursing home groups with a tremendous effect on improving and transforming lives. 

She specializes in treating trauma, anxiety, and PTSD. Rahel Bruegger offers, based on the book’s exercises Online Solution-Focused painting classes, further education for psychologists, therapists and social workers in implementing Solution-Focused Art Therapy and helps individuals through trauma and PTSD.

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