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Rahel Brügger _ Kunsttherapeutin ED


Lives in Lenzburg

married and mother of three school children


Since 2012, design and painting therapist in malraum-lenzburg, focusing on mental health


Since 2014, design and painting therapist at the Schlossgarten care center, focusing on mental health and palliative care



Day center, psychiatric services Aargau, Königsfelden


Erlengut Care Center, Zurich


Junkholz Special Education School, Wohlen


Special education school, Lenzburg


I studied at the IHK, Institute for Humanistic Art Therapy in Zurich/Weggis from 2010 to 2016. 

Solution-oriented painting, LOM; with Bettina Egger and Jörg Merz


Further modules at Ikamed Zurich and Magenta, school for colored learning in Reiden


Higher specialist examination to become an art therapist specializing in design and painting therapy in 2021


FHK, professional association for humanistic art therapy


EMR, empirical medical register

SNE/EGK, health insurance register


VBG, directory of Christian therapists

in conversation:

sanasearch, list of therapists

Book recommendation painting therapy methods


Experiences that cannot be expressed in words and feelings that have no place in everyday life are given form in painting therapy.

I accompany you while you paint and help you to translate your situation into a picture. Feelings and experiences take on a “fear-free” form. The inner images and emotions ebb. What moves and torments is “overlaid” by the painted images and loses intensity. The emotions are given the opportunity to change and calm down. This is how they are creatednew hope and courage for life.

In the practice-time room, at your home or online, I work in a person- and solution-oriented manner. The methods can be used depending on your needs and situation.


In thePeople-oriented painting The focus is on the feelings and thoughts that arise while painting. In everyday life, these often have little space, but unconsciously they take up a lot of space. Here, while painting, they take on a form and are thereby perceived and processed.


At theSolution-oriented painting The focus is on the specific, stressful experience, wishes and hopes. To represent these, simple, clear images are painted.

In meiner Freizeit male ich unter anderem selbst. Nicht kunsttherapeutisch, aber doch auch sehr therapeutisch für mich selbst. Die Bilder stehen unter zur Besichtigung und zum Verkauf.

Ein weiteres Herzensprojekt finden Sie unter Zusammen mit Sara Pfister ( erstellen wir eine Plattform zur fachlichen und kunsttherapeutischen Unterstützung für Familien im Umzug in eine fremde Kultur.

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