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We learn that life is often very fragile, not only through headlines in the media, but often in our own lives. 

A car drives into ours on the street or we miss a pedestrian. Accidents also have an impact if we “just” witness them.


Every second woman loses a baby in her lifetime and, according to statistics, every third woman suffers sexual assault. 

Countless situations occur unforeseen.

Do you suffer from the images and emotions that don't go away afterwards? Do you avoid similar situations and withdraw from your everyday life?


Together we will look for ways to give a picture of your situation. Painting the traumatic experience helps you process what you have seen and let go.  

Painting therapy offers you a creative approach to letting go of your past and being able to live again.


“Being able to paint” is not a requirement!



140 CHF / h


I look forward to your Registrationon-line, perWhatsapp orE-mail.


Appointments can be canceled or postponed up to 24 hours before the agreed appointment without incurring any costs. In the event of last-minute cancellations or no-shows, you will be charged for the reserved time.

Most supplementary insurance covers 70-85% of the costs. 

"Rahel Brügger knows how to provide empathetic support and lovingly introduce helpful methods. She addresses individual needs and personality and competently supports the therapeutic process." JB, 5/5/21

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