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We think and dream in images - our brain works "imagingly".


Problems, situations and emotions can therefore be processed more easily via this “imaging” level.


Feelings that we only feel and that sometimes seem to really dominate us are given form in this way and are “painted” in a picture.


The horror and fear of the incomprehensible disappears because the painted picture represents something tangible, but free of the feared feelings. 


The inner images take on a calm, clear form. The negative images are “painted over” and overlaid with new, harmless images.

Our brain learns a new connection and thus the emotion changes to memory. 

Experiences that cannot be expressed in words and feelings that have no place in everyday life are given a form in person- and solution-oriented painting therapy.


I accompany you while you paintsupportthat you can translate your concerns into images. Feelings and experiences take on a “fear-free” form. The (dreaded) inner images and emotions ebb. What moves and torments is “overlaid” by the painted images and loses intensity. This creates new hope and courage for life.

how painting helps

Rehabilitation, fears: "With a picture I can remember the past, the illness and the accident without getting upset or stressed. I can recall the peace I found when painting the metaphor at home."

Stress, fears: "A great experience! I learned a lot about myself and received TOP support! It felt good to have time for yourself and to pay attention to yourself again and to feel what you really want and what you don't. Thank you again for this time, dear Rahel!"

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